Sense Trans Techno is an experimental project on the effects of technology on our environmental ­experience. The project was divided into three phases. Each ­phase results in an object which enables you a new ­perspective and perception of your ­environment and yourself.


// in cooperation with Manuel Hottmann, technical support by Maximilian Hans


Photography implicates a conscious ­perception of your environment. 

According to the anatomy of the human eye, focus and focal length can be controlled by the pressure of these water filled lenses. 

Eventually this technique was used for a camera lens that can produce extraordinary results.


Release your eyes to augment your perception. Two independent cameras and a connected video goggle enable a digital vision and thereby new perspectives. 

All components are cast into translucent silicone that shines depending on the filmed environment. 


Share your experience using this inflatable device. ­Balloons carry a camera that flies above the inflated sphere. Two or more users are inside of the sphere and are able to walk around. 

They carry a projector that receives the camera`s view and throws the video on the inflated shell.